Coed Varsity Swim/Dive, Coed Varsity Swim/Dive · Patriot Boys & Girls take 1st Place at All Olentangy Sectional Meet

  Place Points
Olentangy Liberty High School 1st 1020
Olentangy Orange High School 2nd 770
Olentangy Berlin 3rd 768
Olentangy High School 4th 519

The Olentangy Liberty Swim and Dive Team qualified 17 athletes to compete in the 2021 Central District Division I High School Swimming and Diving Championships in Bowling Green. This Sunday, swimmers will represent the Patriots at the Cooper Pool in Bowling Green, Ohio. Swimmers will compete with the goal of qualifying for the state meet the following weekend in Canton. New this year, only 24 athletes across the state will qualify per event for the Ohio State Swimming Championships.

The Patriots competed against Olentangy, Berlin, and Orange this past weekend at the Delaware Sectional Championship in hopes of qualifying for the Division 1 Central District Championships. “Our team had an incredible meet. We had lifetime best swims for our sectional tapered kids, and those moving on look ready to go for Districts,” Coach Ebie stated.

Listed below is a summary of the Sectional results for the Patriots.
2021 Olentangy Liberty Sectional Recap: PR= Personal Record QU=District Qualifier

200 Medley Relay:
Kirin Loughrey, Morgan Hofmeister, Sarah Worster, Brook Kleinschmidt 3rd (1:54.34) QU
Issac Wolfe, Mason Miller, Keegan McCauley, Chris Patterson 2nd (1:42.20) QU
200 Freestyle:
Sarah Worster 8th (2:10.03), Grace Gabriel 10th (2:12.37), Morgan Lisch 11th (2:12.98), Alexandra Scaglione 13th (2:18.09)
Gavin Weis 1st (1:47.78) QU, Jack Franz 2nd (1:50.84) QU, Anthony Herzog 8th (2:08.43), Krishna Kannepalli 9th (2:12.98) PR
200 Individual Medley: Girls:
Morgan Hofmeister 2nd (2:11.12) QU, Grace Crandall 4th (2:23.92) PR, Makenna Overly 9th (2:40.01) PR, Romy Wilson 11th (2:43.87) PR
Hudson Williams 1st (1:50.63) QU, Mason Miller 3rd (2:07.22) QU, Andrew Bower 5th (2:13.48) PR, Andrew Barker 7th (2:14.62)
50 Freestyle:
Nina Racke 1st (25.21) QU, Meggie Gehring 4th (25.83) PR, Amelia Wells 6th (26.32) PR, Holly Gabriel 10th (27.39)
Christian Hosler 1st (22.14) QU, Aiden Gaier 2nd (22.35) QU, Chris Patterson 6th (23.45) PR, Hani Deen 9th (25.30) PR
100 Butterfly:
Meggie Gehring 6th (1:01.25) QU, Sarah Worster 7th (1:01.91) QU, Holly Gabriel 10th (1:06.02) PR, Caroline Heym 13th (1:14.19)
Christian Hosler 3rd (54.35) QU, Keegan MCauley 4th (55.74) QU, Noah Rumburg 5th (57.18) PR, Isaac Wolfe 5th (57.18) PR
100 Freestyle:
Nina Racke 1st (54.40) QU, Kirin Loughrey 2nd (54.59) QU, Brooke Kleinschmidt 6th (57.50), Amelia Wells 8th (58.19)
Aiden Gaier 1st (48.52) QU, Mason Miller 3rd (50.59) PR, Chris Patterson 4th (53.18) PR, Thomas Sebenoler 10th (1:00.44) PR
500 Freestyle:
Morgan Hofmeister 2nd (5:17.66) QU, Grace Gabriel 6th (5:49.64), Sarah Beavers 9th (6:06.73), Alexandra Scaglione 11th (6:11.06)
Jack Franz 1st (4:57.30) QU, Gavin Weis 2nd (5:05.45) QU, Aiden Reitter 4th (5:30.01) PR, Hani Deen 7th (5:58.74) PR
200 Free Relays:
Meggie Gehring, Sarah Worster, Amelia Wells, Nina Racke 2nd (1:42.28) QU
Hudson Williams, Aiden Gaier, Christian Hosler, Gavin Weis 1st (1:28.08) QU
100 Backstroke:
Kirin Loughrey 1st (1:00.03) QU, Grace Crandall 6th (1:04.47) PR, Brook Kleinschmidt 7th (1:04.53), Sarah Beavers 12th (1:10.23)
Noah Rumburg 2nd (57.08) QU, Isaac Wolfe 3rd (58.05) QU, Aiden Reitter 7th (1:05.27) PR, Anthony Herzog 8th (1:07.67)
100 Breaststroke:
Morgan Lisch 4th (1:15.70), Diana Vins 6th (1:18.60) PR, Maria Bell 8th (1:20.95) PR, Amalia Herzog 13th (1:26.54) PR
Hudson Williams 1st (57.35) QU, Andrew Bower 4th (1:06.39) PR, Keegan McCauley 5th (1:06.67), Andrew Barker 7th (1:09.81) PR
400 Free Relay:
Christian Hosler, Aiden Gaier, Gavin Weis, Hudson Williams (3:14.47) QU